18 Dec

Do you Have the Next Big Tech Idea? Get Help

Mark Zuck

Got the next big tech idea but no idea how to make it into a business?

SBS and SUNY Levin Institute have partnered again to offer a free workshop series to called FastTrac® TechVenture™ to help anyone with a tech idea.

This program is designed to provide technology entrepreneurs with a proven framework and a network of connections to help grow your big idea into the next great innovation. The benefits of FastTrac® TechVenture™ will last you long after the workshop has ended and into your role as a start-up business owner.

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11 Dec

Do you Need to Know what Licenses or Permits you Need to Operate your Business in NYC?

nyc biz express

Do you need to know what licenses or permits you need in order to operate a Business in NYC?

If you answered yes to that question, there is a great online tool that can help you, NYC Business Express.

Answer a few questions about the type of business you are starting or have and then the NYC business express tool will spell out what licenses and/or permits you need to operate in NYC. Not only will the tool tell you what you need, but it will also outline what agencies you need to talk to and what you need to do before applying for a license or permit.

Click here and get the process started

11 Dec

NYC Incubator for Food Based Businesses


Do you have a food based business and need access to a commercial Kitchen and business assistance?

Hot Bread Kitchen, a incubator for food based businesses in NYC,  has two production kitchens, two prep kitchens, a chocolate kitchen, a specialty production space and dough room, as well as dry and cold storage facilities. In addition, there is a demonstration kitchen available for classes and other events. The kitchen is fully equipped and available on a part-time or full-time basis. The facility also provides shared workspace for up to 40 food manufacturing startups and expanding food businesses.

The Incubator will help people with small, artisanal, and ethnic food businesses make the transition from working in their home kitchens to using fully-equipped, professional facilities. Along with on-the-job training, there are classes in professional baking, food safety, and business skills.

Training and technical assistance are available to help startups and existing entrepreneurs grow, develop new products, and tap into new markets by giving them access to large-scale industrial production facilities.

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11 Dec

Leverage the NYC Brand and Secure a Domain Name Ending in .NYC

NYC top domain

If you run a New York City-based business or are a resident of NYC you will soon have the opportunity to secure your own domain ending in .nyc

Imagine, www.TheNameOfYourBusiness.nyc

This is exciting news because 1) NYC will be the first city in the country to get a top level domain 2) you will be able to Identify yourself, your business or organization with the power of the city’s name. A regular domain name merely says, I am a business online. Owning a .nyc address says I am a New York City business, I am a New York City organization or I am a New Yorker.

You will be able to purchase domains with the .nyc extension from sites like goddady.com, bluehost, network solution and many other registrars. The top level domain will be available for purchase at the top of 2014. Please stay tuned and find out more information here.

04 Dec

Funding for Minority Entrepreneurs

jalia Ventures

Jalia Ventures is an investment firm that is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs of color. The company provides expansion capital for companies owned by entrepreneurs of color that have a social or sustainable mission. They also offer support in the form of growth plans, identification of key advisors, structuring  joint ventures and more. They are currently focusing on the NYC market.  Check them out 

04 Dec

NYC Veterans Entrepreneurship Program

veterans program

If you have not heard already, NYC Department of Small Business Services in partnership with SUNY Levin is offering an entrepreneurship program for veterans looking to start a business. The Program provides veterans with guidance from successful entrepreneurs, experienced coaches and a supportive peer community to get their businesses off the ground. The program provides 49 hours of guidance over 7 days.  If you served in the active US military, naval, or air service, including the Reserves and National Guard, you are eligible as a US veteran for the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program.

04 Dec

In Business under 6 Months and Need Funding?

Accion Sprout Loan

Many banks and financiers do not want to hear from entrepreneurs if they have not been in business for at least 1-3 years. Accion, a non-profit micro lender wants to make it a little easier for NYC entrepreneurs to get the money they need to start and grow. Accion, has a finance program called the sprout program, that lends  $1,000-$10,000 to NYC entrepreneurs who have been in business under 6 months.  The other great part about this program is that you don’t need a perfect credit score to get funding. Many entrepreneurs have received funding with credit scores as low as 575.  If you have been in business under 6 months and need funding, you should look into Accion’s Sprout Program.