15 Jan

Get Help Finding the Right Employees to Hire



The hiring process can be challenging for many.  Lets  face it, advertising your positions, sifting through resumes, interviewing and finding the right fit is a challenge. It can eat up lots of time and money.

NYC Business Solutions has a service to help small businesses in NYC find the right candidates for their open positions for free.

NYC Business Solutions will recruit and screen jobseekers from multiple sources, including online job boards, colleges, universities and community partners. Upon finding the right candidates, NYC Business Solutions will refer the most qualified to your business. They will also  coordinate with you to advertise your open positions,  schedule interviews and even  provide free interview space in all five boroughs if you need it.

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08 Jan

Home Improvement Contract License Program


home improvement contractors

Anyone performing home improvement services for a fee in NYC is required to be licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs.  Homeowners doing work on their own homes do not need to be licensed.

Queen Economic Development Corporation offers a Home improvement contractor training program to make it easy for you to get your license.

The program is a 3-session, 18 hour training course that both prepares participants for the NYC home improvement contractor licensing examination and helps participants put their license applications together.

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08 Jan

Get Important Data on your NYC Customers

Make Better Business Decisions with Data on your NYC Customers


NYC just launched a new tool to help entrepreneurs in NYC  gain insights on the neighborhoods where they do business.

An entrepreneur can visit the NYC Business Atlas site, click on a neighborhood and learn about its population growth, new business activity, median household income and taxable sales revenue, and get a breakdown of the types of businesses there. It will also tell you how much foot traffic there is.

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