08 Jan

Get Important Data on your NYC Customers

Make Better Business Decisions with Data on your NYC Customers


NYC just launched a new tool to help entrepreneurs in NYC  gain insights on the neighborhoods where they do business.

An entrepreneur can visit the NYC Business Atlas site, click on a neighborhood and learn about its population growth, new business activity, median household income and taxable sales revenue, and get a breakdown of the types of businesses there. It will also tell you how much foot traffic there is.

Test it out for yourself, click here

11 Dec

Leverage the NYC Brand and Secure a Domain Name Ending in .NYC

NYC top domain

If you run a New York City-based business or are a resident of NYC you will soon have the opportunity to secure your own domain ending in .nyc

Imagine, www.TheNameOfYourBusiness.nyc

This is exciting news because 1) NYC will be the first city in the country to get a top level domain 2) you will be able to Identify yourself, your business or organization with the power of the city’s name. A regular domain name merely says, I am a business online. Owning a .nyc address says I am a New York City business, I am a New York City organization or I am a New Yorker.

You will be able to purchase domains with the .nyc extension from sites like goddady.com, bluehost, network solution and many other registrars. The top level domain will be available for purchase at the top of 2014. Please stay tuned and find out more information here.

27 Nov

Get Your Products in a Popup Shop this Holiday Season

Get Your Products in a Popup Shop this Holiday Season

stopTHINKshop is a pop-up store that showcases social good products. The holiday edition of the shop will include the newest innovations in socially conscious design and some old favorites that have been pioneering the field.  This yeasr pop up shop will be in the lower east side. Check out the details and signup on stopTHINKshop  to get your products in front of a ton of eyeballs this holiday season.

stopTHINKshop from TYTHEdesign on Vimeo.